Web portals

Creating web portals - we have extensive experience, we participated in the creation of start-ups as well as the largest information portals in Poland

Web portals

News websites and social networking sites are the most popular among web portals. These are specific types of websites, complex and high-end online services offering lots of functions. They attract many visitors and that means, they need to be efficient and despite all the information and sections they offer, they need to be simple and have intuitive navigation. Most of these websites are interactive, visitors are offered many possibilities, they can leave a comment, upload photos or any other contents they wish to add.

Types of web portals

We can distinguish between:

  • News websites
  • Social networking sites
  • Corporate web portals
  • Themed web portals
  • Intranet

Trust Webmode

Our team is experienced in creating complex and high-end web portals. Some of them we created from scratch on our own, and some we helped to design and we offered our advice.