Dedicated systems and apps

We create mobile, desktop and touch applications as well as dedicated business solutions. We are able to realize any idea.
Our applications are built from the ground up, tailored to your specific needs and goals. Nothing is impossible. Our expertise and our striving for excellence ensure that all our designs meet your individual requirements and are delivered on time.

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Mobile apps

native applications for Android and iOS platforms
We develop state-of-the-art, but user-friendly and useful mobile apps. We care about the look - you can count on a graphic design of the highest quality. We build an app for all mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, notebooks, or mobile phones. We develop projects for all the most popular operation systems: Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad). We will present available methods of app distribution, and show you potential benefits and implementation costs. Based on our mutual assessment, we will help you choose the best method to distribute your mobile app. We will also upload your app to all distribution channels of your choice and we will carry out its maintenance. Do not hesitate to contact us with your requirements, and we will prepare a cost estimate for you.
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Touch applications

applications that work in all types of kiosks and stands
Touch applications are used in all kinds of stands, among others in shopping centers. Applications of this type can, for example, present a company's offer in a non-standard way or show the plan of the shopping center and the location of stores. An important advantage of this type of application is to enable interaction with the user. We have experience in creating this type of application - we have created applications for Beckers and Tikkurila brands.
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Dedicated solution

complex tools, platforms, configurators and everything to help your business function
Additionally, on request we carry out works that involve adjusting information systems according to clients’ requirements. We use many programming languages and adopt various tools. Our in-house experts have knowledge and professional experience working on many platforms and systems, which allows them to provide innovative solutions. If you need an application supporting business processes of your company, CRM system, reservation system, intranet system or any other application that should act as a web application, please contact us.
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Our software is:


Of the highest quality

monitored on a regular basis and undergoing numerous tests. We deliver a ready product which is 100% functional


we do not have to stress the importance of security of your business and the software you’re using. It’s our top priority

Intuitive and useful

we are well acquainted with the terms “Usability” and “User experience”


we will develop a software, which can be used wherever there is a need for it

Cleverly designed

if there is a need to change some of the parameters or to add new functionalities, you don’t have to start from scratch. We will just do it for you