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Logo is a key element of corporate identity. It is identified with a given company, that’s how the audience recognizes the brand among other companies and remembers it. Based on the logo, other elements of the visual branding system are created.

The best ideas are the simplest ones

Logo has to depict the company’s image. In that case, how much should it show and how much information should it contain? The more, the better. It’s not about the number of elements or texts or colours used, but about the means of communication. We believe that the logo we design should be simple with the least number of elements, but with as much information as possible, which will ensure the audience will associate it with your business.

Logo design stages

  1. Providing guidelines and placing the order,
  2. Signing of the agreement,
  3. Providing the customer with logo drafts,
  4. Making improvements to the drafts and adjustments to the project - we work on the logo until we reach a satisfactory result,
  5. Delivering a project that meets all your requirements, a professionally designed logo for your business,
  6. Designing additional materials.

Redesign your logo

A successful logo design means for everything to change but at the same time for everything to stay the same, so that your company’s emblem is more pleasing on the eye and modern, and simultaneously preserves your corporate identity already associated with your business.