Comprehensive identification

icon-visual branding

Well-though-out visual branding

A professionally developed strong visual branding system is a must when you are building your company’s brand. Tasteful, eye-catching, memorable logo will engage your audience. Based on the logo design, you create business cards, folders, banners, roll-ups, headed paper, envelopes and many others. We also provide redesigning services. Thanks to our services, you can refresh your logo to increase the value of your corporate identity.

Stages of visual branding

  1. Providing guidelines and placing the order,
  2. Signing of the agreement,
  3. Providing the client with first logo drafts,
  4. Making improvements to the drafts and adjustments to the project - we work on the logo until we reach a satisfactory result,
  5. Having your approval of the logo, we start working on the rest of the elements of visual branding,
  6. Making required adjustments and improvements,
  7. A final product – a visual branding system that meets all your requirements,
  8. Web design.


A website coherent with your corporate identity is a must nowadays. There is no room for random elements. The audience has to recognize your brand both in real and virtual world. A website is yet another element that influences your brand, and that’s why it needs to be coherent with your company’s identity.