Analysis and verification

Our experts’ knowledge and expertise allow for comprehensive verification of the tools used by the client. Our goal is to identify the problems or difficulties and to plan actions to facilitate the work and processes for the client’s business.

What we can do for you

  • Technical Audit - its goal is to examine the structure of the online service. We examine the website carefully, whether it meets the current W3C standards, if website’s content and layout is well displayed across all the browsers, we verify individual functionalities, and modules compatibility. Based on our examination, we prepare a report revealing whether the website was designed properly, or there are some elements that can be improved.
  • SEO Audit - its goal is to determine whether the website has been designed with search engine optimization in mind. We analyze the website’s code, keywords, links structure, and whether the website is efficient. Once we carry out the SEO audit, we will put forward our recommendations as to any changes or improvements to ensure your website ranks high for important term search.